Friday, 27 August 2010

Harajuku & Meiji Jingu Koen

Still in Tokyo. So yesterday i had nothing planned other then fighting the Jetlag. But ended up wondering around Harajuku which didnt really interest me at all not really into fashion and stuff - its way too 'girly' and stuff.
But i ended up going to Meiji Jingu Koen (Snaps Below). After which i went to Shibuya - which was OK again a shopping area so not driving need to visit. But i was looking for Gold's gym which apparently but no one seemed to know where it was, so i decided to  go Roppongi Hills where there was Total Workout gym, which i did find but the cost of a single session is about 3500yen which is like £25. If i cant find anything cheaper i guess i will have to use it.

Note on the picture slideshow on the right has the rest of the pictures


  1. Hi Shof(^^)

    Do you enjoy Japan?
    The well of Kiyomasa is very popular as a power spot right now.
    Did you feel energy from that weel?
    I'm sure you got good energy.

    Have a nice trip,

  2. etto - i had to wait 30 minutes for the well and i was tired so i didnt really feel any power except the noon day sun :-)